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Want to get a kid interested in investing? Start with a note as thoughtful as the ones here

Alice Truong: Quartz

“This is to start you toward a successful life of being smart about money (something I never learned to which has plagued me). You don’t have to wait until you’re in your 60’s to wise up about investing and saving.”
When it comes to saving and investing, financial advisors often say it’s never too early to learn how to manage your money.
Customers of SparkGift, a startup that lets users gift holdings in stocks and index funds, are taking heed. More than half the transactions on the platform have been gifts to minors; of those, a third are for children who are two years old or younger. The gift options include fractional shares and start at $20. They also come with the option to leave a short note like the one above, which was attached to a gift of $20 in Google stock.
Even at lower dollar amounts, with gifts of stock, it’s not just the thought that counts. “Our customers like this gift because it feels like they’re passing on value,” SparkGift CEO Peggy Mangot tells Quartz. And their messages reflect that. Many offer encouragement to children to start learning about money and saving for long-term goals.
Mangot shared some of her favorites (with the names changed for privacy reasons), and they illustrate the thoughtfulness of the gifts attached—which offer the chance at a higher return than your average savings bond.
$50 of Tesla stock
On our 25th anniversary- lets see what we are driving :) Thank you for being there for me Ring Bearer. You escorted those little angels down the pews. You will always be a part of our cherished memories. Love Uncle Mike
$20 of Vanguard Total Market ETF
Happy Belated Birthday! Instead of birthday cash thought I would start sending this investment. I used money I had invested at your age to buy our first house. This isn’t real tangible, but maybe one day, for that BIG purchase (like a house) you will say, ‘I am so glad Coleen thought of this!’
$100 of Whole Foods stock
Happy 10th birthday to a smart, compassionate young lady. Here’s to your future. May you cherish it and use it wisely.
$20 of Vanguard Total Market ETF
Remember how we spoke about you and investing? I’d like you to explore this so you understand money opportunities down the road.
$36 of Apple stock
Dear Marie, As you step into your adult Jewish world, I also invite you into the adult world of investing in your future. This comes with strong wishes for your continued beautiful unfolding as a young woman of Torah and a joy to your wonderful family. Love, Adina
$100 of Disney stock
Happy Birthday sweet girl. This gift will start you out on a savings plan. Know that your Nana and Papa love you sooooo much. Have a great day.
$100 Vanguard Total Market ETF
Congratulations on your graduation from High School. We are so proud of you. This gift is to start you on your path to good financial habits. To prepare you for the real world that has just begun.
Love Always,
Grandma and Grandpa
$50 of Apple stock
Happy Birthday Ava Marie! Your Auntie Simone loves you already!!! I want you to be a lifelong investor. Your Mommy just needs to follow the instructions in this email and this will purchase a fractional share of Apple stock for you.
$50 of Vanguard Dividend ETF
We are so proud of your hard work and passion. Watching you fly high is a special feeling. Let your dreams soar!
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