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SparkGift Joins Stockpile!

Stockpile Acquires SparkGift, Making it Easier Than Ever to Give Investments as Gifts

We’re excited to announce that SparkGift has been acquired by Stockpile! View press release here! We'd like to share what this news means for you as a SparkGift customer.

We’re delighted that this acquisition will advance our mission to make it easy, fun and affordable to give investments as gifts and in doing so, help more people save and invest for the future.

You will enjoy new features, including a mobile app, 99 cent stock trades, and the convenience of “shopping” for stocks by categories (entertainment, sports, fashion, etc.). If you’re a kid or teen, we have a magical experience in store for you! You’ll be able to track your stocks with your own login and even place stock trades (with an adult’s consent, of course).

Your SparkGift account will be transferred seamlessly to Stockpile in approximately 90 days.  After the conversation, you will be able to log in to to view your existing investments.  For any new gifts you can begin using today!

Over the next few weeks and months, SparkGift customers will receive communications about the transition to Stockpile. For any questions, support or assistance, please see our online FAQs and contact us at

On behalf of everyone at SparkGift, thank you so much for being a highly valued customer and supporting our mission to help families and friends give gifts that keep giving!

Peggy Mangot & Bob Haigler

SparkGift Founders

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