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Schedule Your Delivery Date

Schedule Your Investment Gifts on SparkGift Today!
Did you know that you can send a SparkGift today, but designate the gift to arrive on a specific date?  This is great for sending gifts for birthdays, weddings, holidays and special occasions.  
After you write your gift message, you will see a Delivery Date field.  The field defaults to today but you can change the date to any day in the future.  
Schedule Your Birthday Gifts:  Many of our customers are using this feature to schedule SparkGift investment gifts for all of their nieces, nephews and grandchildren in their family.  All at once, you can have your birthday and holiday gifts scheduled and ready to go!
Monthly Recurring Gifts:  Many of our customers are also using this feature to set-up monthly gifts for their loved ones.  It's a great way to support someone's path to investing.  Even a small amount each month can really add up for the future.  Monthly gifts help remind your loved ones about how you value saving & investing and how you are invested in their future.
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