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Introducing the Stock & Investment Gift Registry

Peggy Mangot

At SparkGift, we not only want to make it easy for you to give a gift, we also want to make it easy for you to receive an investment gift. We’ve created a gift registry page where you can select the stocks and funds that you desire and share your registry with friends and family. 

For example, I’ve created a gift registry page for my son’s birthday. My son doesn’t need more toys or gift cards, but we’d love to receive contributions for his college fund. Every section of the registry can be personalized.  

The registry page feature can be accessed through our landing page, where we’ve featured it prominently. If you already have a SparkGift account, the registry feature can also be found on your profile page directly below your name and picture. 

We'd love for you to try out the registry, and we'd love your feedback on this new feature!
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