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How to Give a Perfect Gift in 5 Steps

Christopher Lane

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, graduation, or a random celebration, the same question comes up: "What makes a perfect gift?" After years of frantically searching coupon websites and Google for gift ideas, I’ve come up with a methodology to give the best gift. I remember a time when I dropped off a teddy bear, holding a handwritten poem, to my best friend who lived miles away. This memory made me realize that it's not just about the item, but also what you do that creates a perfect gift.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, since a gift has to be about what's being given. Well. . . yes and no. With these 5 steps on how to give a perfect gift, you could be giving a new car or a handwritten poem and still receive the biggest thank you smile from your receiver. Follow these gift giving steps and see for yourself.

Step 1: Narrow the List

What's your criteria? So let's say you have a daughter that is about to graduate from college. Your gift selection does not have to stop at "graduation gift."

  • What's your price range?
  • What things might they already have?
  • Can you deliver the gift in-person, or will it need to be sent virtually?
  • How long do you want the gift to last?

Asking these questions will help narrow down the gift you want to give, and it’s the first step to achieving the perfect gift.

Step 2: Dare to be Different

Now that your list and criteria are narrowed, it’s time to think a bit outside the box. If you want to give a graduation gift to your daughter that will last for a while, stop searching for gift cards! If the perfect gift is what you’re going after then you have to be unique. Yes, you could give her an upgrade on her art supplies set,

OR you could give her a design portfolio so that she can actualize and market her passions. Of course you can send her a wad of cash,

OR you can send her a stock investment as a gift with SparkGift, and she'll learn valuable lessons about investing.

Some things last and some things depreciate quickly. Say to yourself, "Self, being normal ends today."

Step 3: Personalize ‘Till it Hurts

A normal gift would stop at the previous step, but we're taking it a bit further. Let's say you have selected the gift; now it's time to consider the messaging. Be sure to picture the gift recipient.

  • What medium of communication do they appreciate the most?
  • Does a handwritten note mean more to them than something pre-written or typed?
  • Do you want to make them laugh, cry, both at the same time, or neither?

So, if we’re gifting a stock through SparkGift, ask yourself what brands and products the recipient likes. With this knowledge, gift stock to a company which matters to them. Making the gift personal will go a long way, always scoring you bonus points with the recipient.

Step 4: Put a Bow on It

The presentation of your gift is key. Don’t you remember that time you received a gift and spent ten seconds trying to figure out what could be under the wrapping, then two seconds to rip everything off, and then happily surprised that your dream gift, the one you thought no one knew you wanted, is sitting right in front of you. If that same gift was placed in front of you unwrapped with dust on it, it wouldn’t be the same.

  • Where and how do you want the person to see the gift for the first time?
  • Is there an experience that you can create to complement it?
  • Can you raise the excitement factor, giving it more impact?

Nowadays bows can come in many different forms and have the ability to make your gift memorable.   

Step 5: Enjoy the Process

Truth be told, even if it’s the perfect gift, sometimes the other person will not like the gift as much as you had hoped. People have bad days. Someone may have beaten you to the same idea. Don't let it get you upset. When we attach ourselves too much to the recipient's reaction we forget the immense enjoyment, love and care that went into the process. Also when you thoroughly enjoy the process of gift giving, your gift will turn out to be better.

So the lesson here is pretty simple. Stop being normal and frantically searching.

Start narrowing, daring, personalizing, presenting, and enjoying it all. You and your recipient will surely not regret it!

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