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Holiday Gift Giving - Stocks and Investments

Peggy Mangot
2 minute read

With Christmas, Hanukkah and the entire 2014 holiday season behind us, it’s a good time to look back and see what people gave as gifts this past holiday season.  

A great indicator for what the top holiday gifts for 2014 is how people used Google to search in the month of December.  The NY Times partnered with Google to understand the top trending gift-related searches in major cities across the country for Christmas and holiday 2014.  The results are fascinating.  “Lego” was a popular search term in Chicago, while “Kinetic sand” was popular in Austin.  Not surprisingly, the “Frozen” brand was popular across many major cities.  

What was most interesting about the entire study were the categories that Google and the NY Times choose to define gifts and the categories that were excluded.  The holiday gift categories included clothing, accessories, shoes, tech gadgets and toys & games.  Not surprisingly, “Investment gifts” or “stock gifts” were not included as holiday gift giving categories for the Google / NY Times study.  

People today don’t think about giving a share of Apple or Google stock as a gift.  Maybe because traditionally it has been difficult to gift an investment or stock.  Maybe they don’t think it’s possible.  But what better gift is there than a gift that has the potential to grow over time and provide perhaps additional financial security for people that you care about?  

Now that we are about two months past Christmas, Hanukkah and all of the winter 2014 holidays, clothes have been worn, gadgets have been used, toys have been played with and are now on the shelf.  An investment gift, however, has the potential to grow and mature long past this holiday season and next holiday season.  

Spark Gift was created to make it easy to give stocks and funds to friends and family as gifts.  You choose the investment, gift recipient, email, pay and send.  That’s it.  Spark Gift supports fractional shares, making it easy to give a meaningful investment at any budget level and for any occasion.
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