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Give Your Graduate the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Tia Gao

You know the wisdom of a good investment. Putting your money to work for you is how you build real wealth; it offers security and opportunity instead of instant gratification and eventual disappointment. Buyer's remorse is a rare thing in a properly diversified portfolio, and long-term satisfaction is all but guaranteed.

You know this now, but think back to when you graduated from college, or high school. Chances are your thinking was a bit different then, and chances are you didn't have anyone steering you in the right direction in a way you could fully appreciate. What difference would someone like that have made to your circumstances in early adulthood—-and to your circumstances now?

What would you say to being that someone for someone else?

Investments are An Easy and Memorable Gift with Real Meaning

When you give the gift of an investment, you're giving for the long-term. Every price bump, every dividend payment, and every time the recipient makes a new investment on their own behalf, they'll be reminded of what—and who—got them started on the road toward financial independence and prosperity.

Things depreciate. Cars not only start losing dollar value the second they leave the lot, they also become accustomed to, and lose their luster in a young owner's eyes. Other physical items tend to follow suit, whether it be a video game console, clothing, or any other thing.

An investment is something else entirely. It is ownership in every sense of the word, giving a young graduate a real stake in the world and a real stake in their own future. It grows rather than depreciates, and will inspire further contributions and more growth. Helping graduates start their investing early helps them reap the most possible benefits from that growth, too, with investments made in the early years of one's career (or even earlier) earning many times the cash invested later in life.

You're giving the gift of compound interest and a practical financial lesson when you give the gift of stock, and that's sure to be remembered.

SparkGift is Great for Graduates of All Ages

You don't have to wait for a high school or college graduation, either. Though they might not fully appreciate it at the time, a quiet start to a budding portfolio is a great way to help a recently graduated kindergartener start saving for early adulthood and beyond. To be honest, we think any excuse to start young people learn about investing and start getting involved in it is a good one. It's why we do what we do, and why we made it so easy for you to make the gift of an investment.

You can give any dollar amount of any publicly traded stock or index fund, and set it up in anyone's name. They take control of their account quickly and easily, and you can continue to make further gifts or simply let them handle things and see where they go.

Wherever that may be, you'll all enjoy knowing they'll have a more secure ride.

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