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Give investments as graduation gifts

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As we head into March, graduation season is just around the corner.  It’s a great milestone that deserves celebration.  As we prepare to celebrate the young ones  in our life that are reaching these milestones, it’s a good time to think about what might make meaningful gifts to new graduates.  Graduations are bittersweet in that they are occasions for celebrating not only past accomplishments, but also the future.  

What better gift for a new grad than an actual investment in their future?  What if one person gave a $50 share of stock as an investment to a tween heading to middle school?  What if multiple people gave that grad a $50 investment instead of a gift card?  Not only would this grad have an investment account with the opportunity for growth, this young person would start to learn about investing.  This grad could add to this account, learn about the market and even use this account as a way to receive additional investment gifts as they hit other milestones like birthdays and holidays.  

Gifting an investment used to be hard.  You would have to coordinate closely with the recipient (or their parents if a minor) and coordinate creation of a new account.  You would then need to obtain the proper forms, fill them out with specific account numbers and mail a check to the brokerage firm.  Then you would need to wait for the funds to clear and hope that the recipient remembered to invest the funds accordingly.

Spark Gift was created to solve this problem.  Spark Gift makes it easy to give an investment gift.  You choose the investment, gift recipient, email, pay and send.  That’s it.  Spark Gift also supports fractional shares, making it easy to give a meaningful investment at any budget level.  Do you want to give a share of Apple stock but don’t want to pay for the full price of a share (currently at over a hundred dollars)?  No problem, you can spend $50 on a fractional share of Apple stock using Spark Gift.  

Giving investment gifts for graduation is now as easy as knowing someone’s email.

- Spark Gift team

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