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A day in the life of - reaching out to bloggers

Tia Gao

The fun thing about working at a startup is that there is no scheduled start or finish to the workday. Yesterday was supposed to be a schedule starting at 8am and ending by 8pm to grab dinner with friends -- at least that’s what I thought.  

Let’s back up a little bit, let me provide some context as to why my day didn’t quite start at 8am.  My friend Jennifer has been visiting me for the week.  Slowly, she has become a engendered worker at spark gift.  What that means is, before she has the opportunity to have coffee in the morning, she’s inundated with the latest breaking news at Spark Gift (as a non-coffee drinker, I’m not sure what the big deal is with coffee in the morning. Kale smoothie, anyone?).  For the entire week, we had been reaching out to bloggers in the finance & parenting communities, asking for opinions on our product.  Up through last night, we had zero responses. It felt like I was sending out smoke signals on a deserted island.  

I checked my email at 6am and was elated to see email replies to my plea for attention.

We got enthusiastic emails from not just one, but three bloggers!

By  8am, here were the stats:

  • 3 coffees (Jenn)
  • 2 kale smoothies  (Tia)
  • 1 laptop at 3% battery power (Jenn)
  • 3 bloggers engaged each with a content strategy for spark gift
We are excited for the forthcoming blog posts!   Onto the scheduled program of the day.
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